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Peace is possible is a JCI global Campaign #PeaceIsPossible. This website is the frontend to a #PeaceIsPossible hashtag tracker in near real time which updates every hour. The engine periodically fetches data using Twitter's Search API for latest tweets & retweets containing #PeaceIsPossible. Those tweets are then parsed by the engine to geolocate them to a country. Some of the tweets remain unclassified without a location but are still archived and accessible.

Interactive Map

The interactive map offers a world view distribution of all tweets & retweets which have been country classified. Those not classified can still be viewed by clicking on the star in the top left corner.

Animated World Tour

The animated world tour is an automatic world tour, where every country and the latest tweets/retweets are featured for 10 seconds.


Hashtag Volatility

The #PeaceIsPossible campaign works with the hashtag as identifier. This can be searched with Twitter's Search API, Instagram's API and Facebook Graph APIs. However, Twitter only allows tweets that are one week-month old to be fetched using it's Search API with usage limits. Our platform archives all tweets and retweets every hour to tackle this issue. We have launched the engine in April, making our data persistent only as from the 26th March 2016.

Evaluating The Campaign

This project is not limited to data mining but is a confirmation to the impact and audience that the #PeaceIsPossible is achieving across the world. We were very pleased to see the wide distribution of countries advocating for peace. This platform serves as the concrete proof for the success of the #PeaceIsPossible campaign.

Open Big Data

We want you to use this data to make innovative projects about the #PeaceIsPossible campaign. Hence we have made a REST API which you can use to access the data at

By Whom?

Initiated By   
Authored By   Lokhesh Ujhoodha and Viloshna Sonoo
   Members of JCI Curepipe
Code Attribution     Mike Bostock (Animated World Tour & D3)
CartoDB & Leafletjs
Thanks to   Shaan, Veerendra and Keshav.

If you want to contribute to the project or have a request/query contact the author at